Being academy-inspired, we routinely publish our experimental outcomes in peer review journals. From time to time, we provide our personal perspectives through (peer reviewed) review articles or book chapters.

Stay tuned for the last updated publications of our team.

Research Articles

V.M. Gouveia, L. Rizzello, B. Vidal, C. Nunes, A. Poma, C. Lopez-Vasquez, E. Scarpa, S. Brandner, A. Oliveira, J.E. Fonseca, S. Reis, G. Battaglia. Targeting Macrophages and Synoviocytes Intracellular Milieu...

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Review Articles

V. Mercadante, E. Scarpa, V. De Matteis, L. Rizzello, A. Poma. Engineering Polymeric Nanosystems against Oral Diseases. Molecules 26(8), 2229 (2021). V. De Matteis, L. Rizzello. Noble Metals and Soft...

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Book Chapters

V. De Matteis, M. Cascione, L. Rizzello, E. Liatsi-Douvitsa, A. Apriceno, and R. Rinaldi. Green Synthesis of Nanoparticles and Their Application in Cancer Therapy, in book Green Synthesis of Nanoparticles:...

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